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Visualizzazione dei post da Marzo, 2008

IPOD - Firewire memory dump

Parlavo qualche in qualche post qui sotto del fantastico mondo degli attacchi fisici alla macchine e dei dump della memoria ram

Mi lamento sempre di quanto la mia testa faccia cilecca ma dalla serie "il cervello non smette mai di lavorare" con un tempo computazionale di 17 giorni ecco il risultato
Firewire port == owned.

I read about Max Dornseif's work on doing memory forensics (and bad things) using the physical-memory-DMA feature of Firewire earlier this year. Being curious, I implemented my own stack of tools to try it out against my Linux laptop (before I knew that Max's OSX python-firewire bindings had been ported to Linux!). It worked just like Max said, and of course, because physical-memory-DMA-busmastering is the Fire in Firewire.

However, despite working fine against Linux, Macs and BSD boxen, it didn't work against Windows. My colleague Tmasky set to it, and soon enough had found the miracle ingredient.

Skip forward a few months, and it's now a big dea…

Goolag - Google Hacking Tool

[Via Goolag]

To understand Goolag Scanner, it is important to understand how "dorks"
work (see 1.4) and with that, to establish the use of dorks as an
acceptable tool for information security experts, penetration testers,
and practical paranoids.

Resources And References

Google Hacking Database

We'd just like to take a moment to kiss Johnny's ass and acknowledge
the outstanding work that he has done in this field.

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

The download will depend on the OS-Version, hardware architecture and
language you choose.

Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
Quando si dice automatizzare!

NB: Ogni riferimento ai Gulag è puramente "casuale" anche se di questi tempi in Italia ce ne sarebbe veramente bisogno!